Practical Research 1: Basics of Qualitative Research

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DepEd K-12 Curriculum Compliant
Outcomes Based Education (OBE) Designed

Grade Level: Grade 11
Semester: 2nd Semester
Track: Applied Track
Authors: Garcia, et al.
ISBN: 978-6218070127
Year Published: 2017
Language: English
No. of pages: 400
Size: 7 x 10 inches

About the book:
     This book aims to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through qualitative research.

      Chapter 1 - Nature of Inquiry and Research 
           1. What Is Research?   
           2. The Importance of Research in Daily Life 
           3. The Characteristics, Processes, and Ethics of Research
           4. Quantitative and Qualitative Research 
           5. The Kinds of Research Across Fields
     Chapter 2 - Qualitative Research and Its Importance in Daily Life
           1. What is Qualitative Research?
           2. Characteristics of Qualitative Research
           3. Approaches in Qualitative Research 
           4. Methods in Qualitative Research 
           5. Strengths and Weaknesses of Qualitative Research
           6. Importance of Qualitative Research Across Fields
           7. Generic Outline of a Written Qualitative Research Paper
     Chapter 3 - Identifying the Inquiry and Stating the Problem
           1. Range of Research Topics in the Area of Inquiry
           2. How to Design a Research that is Useful in Daily Life
           3. The Research Title   
           4. The Background of Research  
           5. The Research Questions  
           6. The Scope and Delimitation of Study 
           7. Benefit and Beneficiaries/ Significance of Study
           8. The Statement of the Problem 
     Chapter 4 - Learning from Others and Reviewing the Literature
           1. Criteria in Selecting, Citing, and Synthesizing Related Literature
           2. Ethical Standards in Writing Related Literature
           3. The Definition of Terms as Used in the Study
     Chapter 5 - Understanding Data and Ways to Systematically Collect Data
           1. What are the Qualitative Research Designs?
           2. Description of Sample  
           3. Instrument Development 
           4. Data Collection and Analysis Procedures
           5. Guidelines in Writing Research Methodology
     Chapter 6 - Finding Answers Through Data Collection
           1. Data Collection Methods
           2. Examples of Data Collection Methods
     Chapter 7 - Analyzing the Meaning of the Data and Drawing Conclusions
           1. What is Qualitative Data Analysis?
           2. Ethnographic Data Analysis
           3. Grounded Theory Data Analysis
           4. Phenomenological Data Analysis
           5. Constant Comparative Method Analysis
           6. Language-Based Data Analysis
           7. Coding
           8. Computer-Aided Analysis
           9. How to Analyze Qualitative Data
           10. Summary of Analyzing Qualitative Data
           11. Examples of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research
     Chapter 8 - Reporting and Sharing the Findings
           1. Summary of Findings, Conclusions & Recommendations
           2. Techniques in Listing References
           3. Process of Report Writing
           4. Selection Criteria and Process of Best Design

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